Pluto’s mission is to make DeFi more accessible to everyone. We are shortly going to release a reimagined white paper on the YOP DeFi platform and protocol. But before we do that, today we are releasing a primer on DeFi for newcomers to the sector called “DeFi: An Unstoppable Wave?”

The growth of NFTs this past summer was nothing short of astounding. Opensea, the leading NFT marketplace jumped from $125.2 million in volume in June, to $282.2 million in July to over $3 billion in August![1]

Clearly, there’s been a massive amount of capital that has flooded into the market…

Announcing the inception of Pluto Booster, a $1,000,000 accelerator program. Pluto Digital is officially opening the first tranche on Tuesday 18th May, we will be providing 10 grants of $25,000 each.

This is an opportunity of cosmic proportions, making capital available to support the most ingenious and innovative projects in…

Pluto Digital

A crypto technology and operations company that connects Web 3.0 decentralised technologies to the global economy.

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