An Update from Mission Control

Here at Pluto Digital, we are now into the seventh month of our galactic journey. During this time, we shot beyond the moon faster than the Falcon 9, and while the crypto market may recently have been experiencing some gravitational waves, we at Pluto have powered up the deflector shields and steered a steady course towards our mission objective.

Adapting to spacefaring conditions, the Pluto rocket has adjusted its trajectory and we are excited to take you to the next level up on the Rocketship journey! Now focusing our activities through three divisions:

1. Pluto Labs — which focuses on building and launching products

2. Pluto Yield — which houses Pluto’s DeFi yield activities

3. Pluto Ventures — which includes project investment, crowdloans, token sales, NFTs and other related projects

Through expanding our team with some of the brightest minds in tech, Pluto Labs has been initiated to build the next generation of products and services. It will be focused on creating its own software for in-house operations and open-source tools and new products for the crypto community to access DeFi. Pluto Labs plans to do this through developing innovative and easy to use DeFi interfaces, integrating with existing & emerging DeFi protocols, building vault and yield strategies, as well collaborating with projects that are incubated by Pluto Ventures.

Pluto Yield is now actively deploying just under 10% of Pluto’s assets in yield generating products and generating significant income from these activities. These strategies include; providing liquidity to DEXs, staking tokens to secure blockchains and protocols and exploring new Yield Farming opportunities, with the objective to generate income in rising and falling markets. Pluto Yield and Pluto Labs will work closely together to build cutting edge products that support Pluto’s yield.

Pluto Ventures is focused on new Web 3.0 opportunities and potential partnerships in the DeFi space and metaverse. Focused on enhancing the crypto and DeFi ecosystem by collaborating with early-stage crypto projects and building a treasury of major digital assets. Ventures also holds our NFT division, under the talented eye of Blake Finucane, Pluto will continue to curate our collection of digital artworks and other NFTs, as well as collaborating with the sharpest shooters in the Metaverse. Watch this space for very exciting upcoming partnership announcements.

The relaunch of the Pluto website ( shares further details of the new flightpath of our Rocketship. While the strategy has been realigned, our goal remains the same — connecting decentralised technologies to the global economy, making DeFi more accessible to all.





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