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Pluto Digital Assets — Ready for take off!

We are a newly incorporated London based digital asset specialist focused on developing, supporting, advising and investing into digital assets built on Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Solana and other leading innovative blockchain networks. We will stake, provide liquidity, mine and run nodes by utilising cloud based solutions rather than via capital intensive proof of work mining.

Pluto sees huge opportunities in this market and seek to leverage our blend of traditional market and crypto expertise to build a platform that can serve both markets equally. We plan to raise $50m through institutions and HNWI who wish to gain exposure to digital assets via a publicly listed entity. Pluto Digital Assets Plc is in preparation for a listing on the London Stock Exchange later this year.

The public markets currently offer imperfect ways for investors to gain exposure to the crypto space with the likes of Grayscale offering the purest plays but at a cost of 30% premium to NAV for its BTC Trust and up to 100% premium to NAV for its Ethereum Trust. Investors understandably want exposure to Bitcoin given its been the best performing asset over the last decade but Ethereum, which was only launched in 2015, has outperformed Bitcoin since its launch. It’s our belief that whilst Bitcoin still offers incredible upside, greater opportunity for returns exists in Ethereum and the other major networks which provide the technology layer that decentralised applications and protocols are built on. We are also seeing some incredible innovations, particularly in the DeFi space that offer the opportunity for exceptional growth.

Our thesis is that institutional adoption will spill over from Bitcoin into Ethereum and other major alt coins as they seek to diversify and given their much smaller size, these assets could outperform over the medium term. Given our structure, we can also be agile in moving into smaller opportunities outside the majors that offer significant upside.

Pluto Plans to List on London Stock Exchange Q2 2021

We actively participate in proof of stake networks, such as Ethereum 2.0 & Polkadot running nodes and also provide liquidity to projects that we support liquidity provision through Automated Market Making protocols such as Uniswap and 1inch.

We are bullish on Bitcoin and will HODL long term both via long BTC positions and also via participating in cloud mining which provides us BTC income without any hardware expenditure and depreciation.

We have a significant interest in DeFi and are active in a number of ways including:

  • supporting technology development and implementation of protocols
  • Provision of seed investment
  • Consultation and advice in areas such as strategic planning, token economics, community development and growth
  • Running nodes to support networks

Our team has long standing relationships in the crypto space having been involved in digital assets for 5 years. These relationships give us access to some of the best projects at the earliest and most rewarding stage. One of our founders was also a seed investor and key advisor to Argo Blockchain PLC and raised their pre-IPO funding as well as a significant portion of their $30m IPO. Argo is a London Stock Exchange and US listed Bitcoin miner with a market cap equivalent to $500m and is one of the best performing stock on the market over the last 12 months having risen from a low of 2.6p to a high of 145p in that time. It is now seen as as proxy for Bitcoin for public company investors.

The team also has extensive software tech, entrepreneurship, venture capital, investment management, broking and trading experience.

We are really excited by the deal flow in our pipeline and we look forward to announcing further details of our partner projects in the coming days and weeks!

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A crypto technology and operations company that connects Web 3.0 decentralised technologies to the global economy.