Liberty Gaming Guild: The gateway to freedom and P2E metaverse success!

A gaming Guild but with a difference, Liberty Gaming Guild is shaking up the status quo when it comes to Guilds. These guys put the scholar first and foremost and have built up their offering on this basis. Introducing features such as earlier stage NFT acquisitions, above average pay for their scholars and the additional copper launch raise, they are setting themselves apart from the rest. This innovation and pioneering attitude was what appealed to us at Pluto, this partnership of a tier 1 Gaming Guild is perfectly positioned within Pluto V’s strategy.

Liberty Gaming Guild has a top class team, with experience and passion in abundance! A company after our own heart, their senior team members have a cracking sense of humour! This is a team on a mission to be the ‘gateway’ for gamers to gain access to previously inaccessible NFTs in blockchain gaming. A GameFi organisation whose ecosystem consists of a gaming community and NFT and Token funds. Liberty creates a gateway for gamers to play otherwise expensive and even inaccessible NFTs, and builds an ecosystem for them to interact and learn advanced gaming techniques to access higher earning opportunities. Liberty’s sustainable group structure allows deep expertise in onboarding new games and facilitates higher yield by acquiring NFTs at an earlier stage and having greater allocations in emerging projects.

Key features include:

  • Fiat Gateway — Faster and more relaile payments to their scholars
  • Diversification — The continual development of their portfilio holidings in top NFT games
  • Tech Infrastructure — Enhanced tech ecosystem
  • Coaching — Their top players coacht their scholars to improve their in-game earnings
  • Social Impact — Financial freedom for their scholars and families through education and support
  • Due Diligence — Deep expertise in onboarding the latest emerging games and investments
  • Portfolio Management — Institutional grade portfolio and risk management
  • Axie Breeding — Advanced breeding program to reduce costs vs purchasing Axies — resulting in up to 50% savings

We’ve already seen Liberty’s community rocket to over 25k, their partnerships bloom and have witnessed the building of their education program. We can look forward to massive community growth, the onboarding of scholars, hot new NFT portfolio investments and further partnerships and acquisitions to come.

“As we expand further into the metaverse and GameFi space, we couldn’t be happier than to have a partner like Pluto Digital by our side on this journey. Given the expertise they bring in a number of key areas, coupled with the extensive network of partners they bring to the table, having Pluto with us on this exciting adventure can only be a positive for us here at Liberty Gaming.” — Thomas Caddick, Liberty Gaming CEO

Asa Hutchinson, Director Pluto V comments, “Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG) have grown from strength to strength in providing access to some of the most popular crypto games out there for scholars globally. LGG have built a strong community and are continuing to grow their scholarship base providing great opportunities within the ‘play to earn’ sector. Amazing work team LGG!”

More About Liberty Gaming Guild

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord



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