Pluto-backed Altered State Machine (ASM) smashes 60x from its launch

Pluto has done it again!

Our investment in the innovation, AI and Machine learning crypto project Altered State Machine (ASM) has just smashed 60x.

As we rocket into our second year of business, we have continued to go from strength to strength investing in the most pioneering and prestigious enterprises in the space. Yesterday 7th April, our investment in one such project, ASM listed and our holding is now valued at over $6m. This is just one example of Pluto continuing to capture exceptional crypto projects right from Day 1.

ASM is a platform for the creation and training of A.I. Agents, owned and traded using NFTs, and interoperable across the Metaverse. Their protocol enables anyone to own an A.I, and the machine learning models that define what it learns over time.

Owners pair this NFT intelligence with NFT artwork, to create their ASM Agent. Gamifying NFTs, giving NFTs personalities and delving into possibilities in the future of the metaverse, beyond our wildest dreams!

Pluto Digital are most excited about working with fantastic games and projects through the space to encourage AI growth.

Meet the masterminds behind this incredible project in our interview with David and Aaron McDonald, Founder and Advisor of ASM.

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