Pluto Launch Stella Success!

Pluto, the London based digital asset specialist are thrilled with how our launch has gone. Firstly, we welcome Pires onboard as a shareholder. Pires are an AIM listed technology investor with an incredible track record for backing winners who we were really pleased to bring on as a strategic shareholder.

Pluto incubates, advises and invests into digital asset projects and technologies as well as supporting networks by providing liquidity, running nodes and providing technical and marketing support to projects. We believe that transparent community engagement is critical to the success of projects in this space as is building relationships and helping others in the ecosystem.

We were proud to be appointed as a strategic advisor to YOP, who are a Pluto Tier 1 portfolio company who we believe are at the beginning of an incredible journey. YOP went live on Uniswap last week after their Polkastarter sale sold out in seconds and immediately rocketed up to an impressive 15x uplift from our investment price and making a high at 30x. We feel that YOP could be this seasons answer to YFI and whilst YOP’s $1Bn valuation target may be considered punchy by some, we look for projects who can deliver interplanetary performance and we back these guys to go a much further, so watch this space!

Pluto Launches

YOP is positioned between the traditional financial markets and the crypto space making them and Pluto a perfect fit for both parties given our shared vision of bringing digital asset adoption to the masses. We are delighted that YOP’s founder, Atif Yaqub has also been appointed to Pluto Digital Assets Plc board of directors with a view to sharing his knowledge and experience to our portfolio projects as we seek to advise and guide them on how to develop product, design token economics, build an engaged community and deliver a stellar project launch.

Pluto is seeing an incredible pipeline of really exciting opportunities which we believe have the potential to deliver fantastic returns which we can add significant value to. We expect to be making announcement of new projects that we are incubating and supporting in the coming weeks. If you have an exciting project in the digital asset space and your ambitions take you beyond to moon, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. We can’t invest or incubate every project we meet but love speaking with ambitious, talented teams and sharing our views on the universe and lending a supporting hand where we can.

We look forward to announcing details on the rest of our team soon which is made up of City of London technology specialists who are able to add value by bringing traditional market disciplines alongside the agile innovation of the crypto space. At the same time, YOP will work with Pluto to help build its community and source opportunities in the crypto space.

This market is an incredible opportunity for all involved and we can’t wait to see what the coming weeks and months bring. Hope to see you all on Pluto soon!

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