Pluto Welcomes New Astronaut Aboard the Spaceship

Blake Finucane becomes the latest Plutonaut

Following a stellar success in their third fundraise and with their sights set on Pluto, the team continues to accelerate. Pluto has seen meteoric growth of the company’s portfolio across a diverse selection of Digital Assets. A core component of their strategy will be focused specifically on NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). Having already accrued the beginnings of a private collection of NFTs and with a whole assortment of inspired other ideas underway, Pluto welcomes Constellation Excavator and NFT Master, Blake Finucane to the team.

Blake has an extensive pedigree in the cryptocurrency space. She bought her first Bitcoin in 2014, but really began to go down the crypto black hole in 2017 when she started studying NFTs, right at the inception of the ERC-721 standard. As a result of her innovative research in this area, she received a Canadian research grant to conduct her studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Graduating in 2018 where she wrote her master’s thesis on how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency can be applied to the art world. It was one of the first academic thesis’ ever to be published on “crypto art.”

Garnering international interest, the success of her thesis has set the stage and placed Blake as a commander in her field. Leading her to guest lecture at various universities and being invited to collaborate with other academics globally. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of emerging technology, media, culture and capital markets, Blake’s research incorporates a wide array of reference points into the development of her theories. She has been featured in top cryptocurrency publications like Cointelegraph and in world-renowned academic journals including Leonardo, which focuses on technology and science applications in the arts field.

Blake’s experience also transcends the traditional finance sphere, having worked at a private investment firm, where she primarily engaged with emerging technology companies, supporting them in all aspects of the going-public process including perfecting their business plans, refining their marketing strategies as well as organizing and participating in raising capital.

Working specifically with their Incubation Portfolio, Blake will also be curating Pluto’s NFT Strategy. With a line of projects already in the pipeline set to eclipse the crypto/NFT scene, Blake’s arrival comes at an optimal time. Her background in art, academia, cryptocurrency and the public markets creates a dynamic point of view, and is set to help propel the Pluto spaceship to infinity and beyond.

Pluto Commander Andy Frangos says; “I’ve been aware of Blake’s proficiency in the crypto sphere for some years now. Her passion for this sector, creativity, unique insights and skillset is exceptional. We are excited to witness her contribution to the industry and are delighted to welcome her aboard the spaceship.”

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