To Infinity and the Skies Beyond

The brainchild of two creative minds, on a mission to bring innovation and imagination to the gaming world. Infinity Skies was the resulting creation. Blending Decentralised Finance (DeFi) with the traditional gaming world, this project incorporated the use of NFTs in an inspired way. Pluto V’s focus on Play to Earn (P2E) Gaming​​, is fully substantiated when we come across projects like Infinity Skies.

Infinity Skies is a sandbox game where you build your own beautiful castle on an island in the sky. This castle will be built from the ground up solely using NFTs as the essential building blocks, this means that all structural components, furniture, decorations and such will be tradeable NFTs. The gameplay revolves heavily around their four core elements: Build, Adventure, Socialise and Trade. When it comes to building in infinity skies, the sky truly is the limit! You will be given complete creative freedom to build whatever your imagination conjures, as you will have thousands of NFTs to obtain and build with, creating infinite possibilities.

The ingenuity comes in with their prestige system, tied to this is the most lucrative NFT reward system. Based on prestige points, the top castles will receive mega rare rewards at the end of each month. Another feature is their chest randomness, ensuring a dose of unpredictability and high excitement to ensure a level playing field for all gamers.

The five key features of this impressive project are:

  1. Token Burn Redistribution — Skyblocks will have a burn feature of 5% on each transaction. None of the Skyblocks will be burned forever through automated mechanics, but instead they are recycled back to the community.
  2. Claim Pool — The Claim Pool will be accessible for each eligible investor to claim their share at any moment on our website, and will be available to be claimed at any moment if they hold skyblocks in their private wallet.
  3. Marketplace — Infinity Skies will have an innovative custom built NFT Marketplace specifically built for games.The leading currency of the Marketplace will be ISKY for the purchasing and selling of NFTs.
  4. Treasure Chests — A critical component of our loot distribution mechanisms include treasure chests.Varying rarities increase the desirability and collectibility of our NFTs, and lead to a more competitive user experience since players truly own them. It is important to us that all NFTs can be earned and rewarded via a fair distribution model where each user has a fair chance of obtaining a rare in-game item.
  5. P2E — A key feature for the Infinity Skies game play is the ability to play-to-earn. Whether this is by building a castle to attain a high ranking on the leaderboards, through gathering as many rare and unique NFTs as possible or turning your time into money with ISKY by trading in NFTs.

Infinity Skies commented, “The Infinity Skies team is very excited to be partnered with Pluto Digital. As a blockchain game looking to make our mark on the space, we know it’s crucial to have solid partners on the journey with us.”

Pluto V Director, Asa Hutchinson commented on the partnership, “Infinity Skies have been working so hard for the last year working on community trust and engagement. They have travelled globally to make sure the crypto scene is aware of their project. Now the platform is live, all we want to do is promote and hype our channels. A fantastic track record of intense growth. Well done guys!”

More About Infinity Skies

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