UniX Gaming: A Pluto Partnership

One of the first pioneers to the Play2Earn sphere, UniX helped pave the way for the wave that was to follow. A Gaming Guild with a difference, their goal is to be the largest Guild in the metaverse, fully utilising and augmenting their community owned assets for ultimate efficacy. Pluto are pleased to partner with such an icon in the P2E space, their great goals and aspiration to be one a leader in the metaverse, is inspiring to say the least and we at Pluto are proud to unite with such a venture.

A project on a mission, their litepaper shares not just one, but their five missions:

  1. UniX’s mission is to be the first digital nation with the biggest virtual economy utilising their community assets and DAO token in the metaverse.
  2. UniX Gaming brings together the fun of gaming and helping people in developing countries by using the emerging play-to-earn model.
  3. With their scholarship structure, they have created one of the largest communities (known as a ‘guild’) worldwide with around 190,000 members.
  4. They provide training, management and support for their gaming talents to help them perform at the highest level.
  5. Gamers and non-gamers have the unique opportunty to earn an income comparable to a Western wage. They can achieve this through playing online games similar to Axie Infinity.

As we all know when it comes to P2E, perhaps more importantly than any other area in crypto, community is king. We could all take inspiration from UniX on this matter, within just nine months, they can already proclaim to be the second largest community within the metaverse! The team provides education, training, scholarships and management for their community. Going above and beyond, UniX see’s members as the heart of our community. As such, they aim to provide a fair and incentivised pay-ment model. Engaged members can even become part of their management team if they demonstrate leadership qualities.

Pluto is thrilled to be part of the UniX mission and to be backing a project with such aspirations. Pluto V Director, Asa Hutchinson comments; “We are very excited to see the continued progression UniX are making in space. Pluto is an advocate for the guild, we are very active in our partnership, checking in and sharing ideas. This team is constantly being cheered and hyped by their community which is the main reason for the exponential growth so far. Very much enjoy working closely with such a dynamic project”.

Mriko Basil, Founder and CEO of UniX commented; “We’ve always been excited by Pluto, since our very first call and understanding all of the avenues they can open up for us. The engagement from the team is just fantastic. We have lots planned and to know PD are backing us every step of the way is just incredible. Looking forward to strengthening the partnership, starting with this announcement”.

More About UniX

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