Well on our Journey with Fresh OXYgen to Fuel the Pluto Rocket

The Pluto rocket has launched! We left the earthlings behind as we passed the moon to $50m in 50 days. Now it’s onward to Pluto itself!

We are so grateful for our most recent investment of $40M from our investors, including the follow on investment from our strategic partner Argo Blockchain for an additional $10M+.

As we continue our journey through the galaxy, we wanted to bring you news from the spaceship. We have been very busy since the funding which was executed on the 8th of March and have since invested in another nine digital assets already! Pluto is also in discussion with several other early stage projects some of which will be signed in the days/weeks ahead. We want to thank the community for active engagement and are excited to continue building this key component of our long term strategy. Pluto is also working on the next round of incubation projects, so stay tuned for more on that. Something very big is coming and very much home grown which Plutonauts can relate to.

We are also very pleased to participate in the latest FTX project, Oxygen, a DeFi Prime Brokerage Protocol built for scale. The new issuance token OXY (Oxygen) which listed yesterday had a successful launch and we are holding 2,000,000 tokens acquired at a price of $0.10 per token. This is just one example of Pluto continuing to capture exceptional emerging decentralised technology at an early stage.

Next stop Pluto and then onto Proxima Centauri!

The Pluto Team

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