YOP 2.0 a Pluto DeFi project releases its tokenomics ahead of the imminent release of its whitepaper. 🚀

The revised tokenomics have been looked at keeping in mind longevity for its holders bringing them true value.

The tokenomics look at the background and history of the YOP token, which was first released in January 2021. The emission pools and emission schedules across the pools are reviewed, before taking a closer look at the community emissions. Followed by a review of YOP’s plans for long term sustainability of the protocol through token buyback, redistribution and burn mechanisms. Finally, a look at how the YOP token will be used for governance in the future as we move towards as Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).

Here is the link to the YOP 2.0 tokenomics:


#yoptothemoon #poweredbypluto 🚀